Prevention on the infantile patient

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October 10, 2018
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October 10, 2018

Prevention on the infantile patient




We want to highlight the importance of the infantile patient prevention, in order to facilitate the transformation into a healthy mouth adult with optimum oral habits.

In Yesdent oral clinic, we value the next aspects on the first visit:

  • The existence of “baby bottle tooth decay”, known as the very destructive caries that affects the temporary teeth of the children under 3 years old.

Health and the condition of gums in children.Alterations of the facial osseous growing and the teeth position (we often can foretell if the child is going to need orthodontics according to the growing patterns).

Resultado de imagen para crooked teeth from thumbsucking

  • Oral care recommendations, according to the child specific needs (more or less caries predisposition, characteristics of the toothpaste).


  • Also, we value the eruption chronology, that is to say, if permanent teeth are erupting at the normal age or if it is fast or delayed.


  • The importance of keeping the temporary teeth healthy in order to preserve room for the permanent ones (formerly, especially on the familiar scope, this was not important. This generated a lot of dental position issues and the loss of space when the patient is adult.


Don’t be afraid of the dentist

Being afraid on the first visit to the dentist is one of the big problems on the children.  

It is important to avoid this, and it can be achieved by stretching the bound between the child and the dentist.

Start the habit of oral care as soon as possible, with the dentist support.

If the children has been visiting the dentist after having a year, it will facilitate the periodic visits to the dentist.

Explain to the child that the periodic visits to the dentist are to avoid teeth and oral problems in general.

All this will be conclusive when it comes to getting the child not to be afraid and become a teenager and then an adult with a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Adult Dentition

The change of the temporary to definitive teeth start at the age of 5-6, and here is when the periodical visits to the dentist become indispensable.


  • Control that the first adult molars, which erupt at the age of 6 establish a good occlusion or “bite”, because they are going to be the pillars of the dental class.
  • Control that these pieces are healthy and if the patient has caries predisposition, make a fissure sealing. What is fissure sealing? Covering the molar fissure with resin, those are deep tooth areas and with a high caries predisposition.
  • If the child has an abnormal growing pattern, with a higher jaw growth, we would see it in that moment.
  • If the child has a bone growth problem, this would be the ideal moment to notice it and treat it with orthopedics, in order to fix osseous problems (for example: make a palate expansion or stop the excessive jaw growth.



That is what we do at Yesdent dental clinic because our patient’s oral care and health is the most important thing for us and for that the first step is to educate and create habits of oral care and prevent dental issues with periodical revisions.



Visit us without commitment and put your children and your own oral care and health on the hands of our professionals, because on our client’s satisfaction is our reward.

In the first visit, radiography, diagnosis without charge, no commitment.

We are on Bruselas 18 avenue, Terrazas del Duque, office 1. Costa Adeje. Tel: 922713154.

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