Need a solution for teeth loss?

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October 10, 2018
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October 10, 2018

Need a solution for teeth loss?

Need a solution for teeth loss?



One of the major problems that we face every day in the dental practice is the loss of teeth in patients, mainly in adulthood. This absence of teeth may be due to multiple causes:


  • Injuries and fractures.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Dental wear by bruxism.
  • Endodontic treatments that have failed after years.
  • Irreversible dental infections.
  • Etc.


With this loss, the patient goes to our clinic with greater or lesser urgency for teeth restoration depending on:

  • Esthetic compromise, depends on whether is a tooth or the front teeth when talking or smiling, or if it is a molar from the back.
  • Age of the patient. Normally the younger the aesthetic requirement it is.
  • Functional need, when the patient has lost one or several later pieces and can not chew what causes many digestive problems.
  • Existence or not of the temporomandibular pathology which we can close and open our mouths and chew, due to the imbalance of occlusal forces due to missing teeth.
  • Existence of complications of the above: migraines, headaches, cervical pain and facial muscles, etc.
  • Etc.

Regardless of whether they are one, several or the total of pieces lost, fortunately there are always restoration options, starting with the oldest to the most innovative:


  • Removable prostheses (“remove and put”); they are practically no longer used, only as temporary while the implants are being “integrated” (later we will explain what this means).
  • Fixed bridges (as long as we have teeth in good condition on each side of the space without teeth).


  • Implants: Today this is the best quality treatment and next to recover the natural tooth. Naturalness, aesthetics, functionality and comfort.



  1. Chronic pathology that the patient may have and medical treatment received: diabetes, heart disease, pharmacological treatment with anticoagulants, antihypertensives, patients who have received chemotherapy or radiotherapy or have been taking a drug of the bisphosphonate family.
  2. Quantity and quality of bone (bone atrophy level), thus rating if you need bone grafting.
  3. Age of the patient.
  4. Time elapsed since the loss of dental pieces that we are now going to replace.
  5. If the patient has an infection or not.

At Yesdent dental clinic we offer our patients an exhaustive radiological study of their case, taking into account the needs and conditions of each one. And we also offer the advantages of IMMEDIATE LOADING.



It is known that the day the implants are placed, they are placed buried in the bone (simulating the root of a tooth), but no tooth is placed on top because that newly placed implant has yet to be integrated into the bone.

This process is called osseointegration and is a biological and chemical intimate union between cells in our bone and the surface of the implant. After this period of integration (6 months in the upper jaw and 3 months if it is in the jaw) we may take measures or prints to place the teeth or crowns over those implants.


During this period of integration, where it is not recommended to place heavy materials such as ceramic or zirconium on these implants, we offer a provisional but fixed solution, which is made of resin and does not weigh, neither it’s a risk to the implants during the integration period.

That is the immediate load: teeth fixed the same day of surgery of implants, in such a way that the patient comes without teeth and leaves with teeth fixed screwed that day.




  • Comfort.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Minimum function.
  • The patient gets used from the first day to the volume of the prosthesis in the mouth.

Make your first appointment and get information without commitment of all the benefits that entails. We will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

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